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Two Ways To Fundraise Safely (And Virtually)

In the spirit of helping navigate political campaigns during these turbulent days, we invited our friend, the talented fundraiser Eva Facundo to give tips on fundraising. We hope it helps.

Stay safe.

-The HSG team

Two Ways to Fundraise Safely (and Virtually)

“I want to come to an event” is a response you would normally get when asking for money for your campaign. Events have long been the most recognized funds generator for campaign fundraising. They are not the best tool (call time and one-on-one meetings are where it’s at) but they cultivate a specific target; the Event Donor. The “Event Donor” is a type of supporter that cares about being seen and recognized by the candidate and campaign. They enjoy the networking and potential opportunities of an event - with food and drink as a bonus...

But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social gatherings of more than 10 people are a huge health risk, and it’s unclear whether traditional events will be able to resume. So what to do? Your campaign couldn’t function without financial support before, and it definitely can’t now. Event donors are still prime prospects, and it’s time for campaigns to pivot in order to keep them engaged and donating.

Your campaign can provide that same structure and benefits that event donors are craving by moving your events online. Here are some tricks and tips of doing it successfully and making sure it’s not just a regular conference call.

Themed Events deliver an experience that many people are missing during this time. These events combine a sense of purpose with novelty when most virtual gatherings feel like conference calls. Themed events draw in folks who may not normally know about your candidate or organization and give your campaign an opportunity to grow its list and network. Additionally, they provide a bit of a distraction in this tough moment. Here are some ideas for a themed virtual event:

-Happy Hour

-Game Night

-Trivia Night

-Pajama Party

-Wine Tasting

-Cooking party

-Concert/Open Mic


Speaker Events deliver those informative experiences that event donors crave when assessing the viability of a candidate or an organization. Speaker events are targeted towards those in your circle who are more politically and policy-focused and need an event like this to encourage them to donate. Here are some ideas for a speaker event:

-Strategic Campaign Update

-Policy Spotlight


-Candidate Q and As

-Ted-Talk Style Speech about a topic

Eva Facundo,

National Democratic Fundraiser

Stepping Forward For Change

In these recent months, we’ve all had to reflect on the overdue changes needed to address systemic racism. We wanted to highlight what some of our friends have been working on. In Long Beach, City Councilmembers Rex Richardson and Dee Andrews are leading the way by recently approving a “Framework for Reconciliation” plan. This plan will focus on combating racial injustice, enacting police reform, and ending unequal policies. There will always be more work to do but these bold first steps will start the changes that our communities need.

Why I Chose HSG Campaigns

"HSG was a big asset for my campaign. They worked with me to create a really strong message for my district, and the mail they created was first-class. Eric and his team will make great partners with you on your toughest campaigns."

- Rex Richardson, Long Beach Councilmember, District 9

What We're Watching

This month Eric is recommending the series "Dark" on Netflix.

I really enjoyed this German Sci Fi show about time travel that extends its reach through three centuries. If you like Sci Fi, you'll find this show both entertaining and thought provoking. A yellow jacket, a glitch in the matrix and an ultimate fist bump will never be the same after watching this mind-bending show. The third and final season just came out on Netflix. Find a time travel machine to watch so you can forget COVID-19.

- Eric