A History of HSG Campaigns

After years of managing campaigns, Eric Hogensen decided to start his own consulting firm in the summer of 2007. The mission was simple: To provide high-quality campaign products and strategies to candidates and organizations at every level – from federal races to school boards. With a small team, they opened an office above a soccer bar in Milwaukee.

That first election cycle, Eric and HSG Campaigns led several clients to victories in Wisconsin and Illinois. Specializing in Direct Mail, New Media, and General Consulting, the team grew in the years to come. The firm expanded across the country, from New York City to Los Angeles.
In 2011, HSG Campaigns guided LAPD Officer Joe Buscaino to victory in a special election for Los Angeles City Council. They went on to contribute to several high-profile victories in the 2012 election cycle, including a top-targeted Congressional race in the Los Angeles area. They continued a string of victories in the 2014 cycle with several school board victories in Long Beach and Montebello, California.

By 2016, HSG Campaigns was fast growing into one of the premier political consulting firms in California. The company helped the Democrats take a super-majority in the State Senate that year and registered thousands of voters using Direct Mail. They also contributed to Democratic victories in Nevada, producing independent expenditures for Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton and Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto, both of whom narrowly won in the Silver State.

During the 2018 election cycle, HSG Campaigns won dozens of races across the country, including State Senate races in North Dakota, Indiana, and New York. They also contributed to the dark horse victory of Andrew Gillum in the Florida gubernatorial primary. In 2019, Eric and the firm worked with the United Teachers of Los Angeles to help progressives take back a majority on the LAUSD Board of Education.

In the recent 2020 presidential election cycle, HSG was proud to bring home an impressive batch of victories for Democrats across the country. From high-stakes school board races in Los Angeles and Long Beach to State Senate and local wins in Indiana and Florida, HSG played a pivotal role in taking back seats for progressive Democrats at all levels of government.

Eric Hogensen and HSG Campaigns are committed to helping Democratic candidates, labor unions, environmental organizations, and other progressives achieve their election goals. Today based in Pasadena, California, they look forward to another successful campaign cycle in 2022.

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