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We go all the way for our clients

HSG Campaigns provides strategic advice, campaign development support, planning, budgets, timelines,
data analysis and direction for your message and brand.

Strategic Advice

We syndicate your campaign's vision to the voter, uniquely connecting with their values, rather than politics as usual.


Our tested messages and impactful images present a clear-cut picture of why voters should support the candidate or cause.


Whether it be banner displays, pre-roll, social media, direct mail, robo-calls or collateral, we engage and deliver up-to-date content to your supporters.

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How We Win Campaigns

HSG Campaigns' skilled team of experts know how to help our clients win. Our all-in-one approach combines traditional and modern campaign tactics, with the ability to handle all aspects of a campaign. We craft unique strategies designed specifically for your election.

Our philosophy toward campaigns has three simple rules:
1. No unforced errors
2. A clear plan
3. Make adjustments as needed.

"HSG Campaigns executed a strategy-driven direct mail program that helped us grow our Democratic presence in the Indiana State Senate. The negative pieces they produced created chaos for our Republican opponents. You can trust them to work closely with you to achieve your goals."

—  Zach Brown, Executive Director, Indiana Senate Democrats
"Eric and his team have helped us win several tough campaigns. The direct mail and campaign literature they produced was visually striking and effectively conveyed the messages and values we wanted to express to the voters. I highly recommend HSG Campaigns for organizations that want to have an impact in the next election."

—  Rusty Hicks, Chair of the California Democratic Party
"There’s a sense of urgency working with HSG, they understand the pace of modern campaigns. The work you’ll get from them will be top-notch, every time. Through the process there is a lot of consideration and effort in making the client comfortable with how things are going and being receptive to any concerns. I strongly recommend them for your campaign or campaign project."

—   Chris Callopy, Executive Director, Teachers Association of Long Beach
"HSG Campaigns is a great resource for campaigns and organizations to use in a grind. They are able to do a wide scope of work and give you the tools you need to make the right decisions.

When it comes to direct mail, digital ads, or scripts, HSG is among the best in creative, on-target content. I know from working with them that I can trust them to work through nearly any time constraint and limitation. I highly recommend them for your next campaign or project."     

—  Jeff Gozzo, California Senate Democrats
"Over the years I have worked with HSG and seen their work on heated campaigns. Time and again, I am impressed with their ability to deliver strategic messaging with high-impact visuals. Eric Hogensen is keenly aware of how to use his political mind to communicate with voters in a way that works."     

—   Chris Larson, Wisconsin State Senator, District 7
"I have worked with HSG Campaigns several times in the past and I am always impressed with their insights into the hearts and minds of the voters they communicate with. They are able to take those insights and combine them with new and traditional tactics to craft great strategies for their clients. Candidates and organizations should strongly consider them in 2018."   

—    Joe Boyd, Former Executive Director, California Federation of Teachers
"We hired HSG Campaigns as subcontractors on a big project. They were fantastic to work with: thorough in their approach to the campaign; communicated well; and maintained a positive attitude throughout. We ended up increasing their role in the project. I look forward to the next time I will get to work with them."

—    Doug Otto, President, California Community College Board Of Trustees
"Eric Hogensen is not just a strong political strategist, he is also a friend and adviser to his clients as he works with them on challenging campaigns. I have been very happy with the products and services his firm has delivered for my campaigns, and I would recommend them to any candidate or organization that hopes to have an impact in their election."    

—    Rick Ridder, President and Co-Founder, RBI Strategies
"Blending innovative products with top-notch service, HSG Campaigns has the experience every candidate needs to help shape their winning campaign. When I ran for Los Angeles City Council, Eric and his team went above and beyond to support my campaign from Day One to Election Day. With that level of dedication and service, I strongly recommend them for your campaign."    

—  Joe Buscaino, Los Angeles City Council Member, District 15
"HSG was a big asset for my campaign. They worked with me to create a really strong message for my district, and the mail they created was first-class. Eric and his team will make great partners with you on your toughest campaigns."    

— Rex Richardson, Long Beach Vice Mayor, District 9
"Eric and his team are skilled in political strategy and organization and, more importantly, go above and beyond the expectations of their clients. Not only were they able to produce a great mailer for us, but they also showed us how they could help with our long-term goals. We are excited to work with HSG Campaigns again, and are proud to recommend them to other organizations like ours."
— Doug Patzkowski, President and Kathy Schlotz, Executive Director, Montebello Teachers Association
"When we wanted to get the word out about two important ballot measures, we went to HSG Campaigns. They worked with us to develop a great plan that included digital advertising and texting, allowing us to reach tens of thousands of voters in a short amount of time. They were very responsive and proactive. Both measures successfully passed. I highly recommend HSG Campaigns for your next ballot measure campaign.
— Alyssa Gutierrez, Executive Director, Economic & Policy Impact Center
"Running for office is a lot of work, and there is a lot of negativity you will have to face. Eric and his team are up for the challenge if you are. I can tell you from experience that they will work hard, organize quickly, and will collaborate closely with you. I cannot recommend them enough."

— Keri Kropke, Board Member, Brea Olinda Unified School District
"As a new candidate, HSG Campaigns was so helpful to my campaign. They helped coach me and show me how a campaign should be run, and they produced great mail and other media to support me. HSG Campaigns knows how to win!"
— Marisol M. Uribe, Board Member, Montebello Unified School District


Meet our team

We are proud to work with unions and organizations across the country.

Eric Hogensen


Mike Olvera

Production Director

Sandra Mancilla-Romero

Campaign Projects Manager

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Campaign Projects Manager

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Campaign Projects Director

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Production Associate


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