Why You Shouldn't "DIY" Your Campaign

Once in a while, we still meet the occasional candidate who wonders why he or she even needs a campaign consultant. How hard can a campaign be, anyway? Trust us, it's hard. Unless you're running for a very small local office, you will need a consultant. Here's the top reasons why.

1. Consultants Know the Players

Party officers, union leaders, and other big political players meet new candidates for different offices all the time. Nobody will be immediately impressed by you because you're a candidate. In fact, their instincts are to be skeptical of you. Having a consultant not only gives you more legitimacy as a candidate, but your consultant often knows the individual you are trying to meet with and can help make it happen.

2. Consultants Know the Vendors

Campaigns are short-lived, but consultants are in the marketplace for years. In the time it will take you to research printers, graphic designers, media rate cards, mail houses, and pollsters, you will lose the opportunity to do the campaign's primary job, talking to voters! Consultants will know the vendors, the prices, the market, the political environment, and the strategy.

3. Consultants Keep You Honest

It's easy to say you will make fundraising calls, go out canvassing voters, and practice your stump speech. Following through on those commitments is the hard part. The same way a physical trainer will help you make sure you actuallyexercise, your consultant will help you make sure you actually campaign. They will check in regularly for updates on your progress toward meeting your goals for fundraising, doors knocked, and public speaking skills.

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