How to Take Advantage of the #BlueWave

We've seen the polling, the fundraising figures, the online activity stats, and the special election results. 2018 is going to be a very good election year for Democrats. We put together the following tips for how we can all ride this blue wave to victory in November.

1.  Adjust your targets for the new environment

We often look at a previous midterm election when preparing for the next midterm election. But a lot has changed since 2014. (You know who we're referring to).

Educated suburbanites are leaning towards Dems more than ever before. Rural, working-class voters can be won back, but it will take a different message. Know your district. And don't be afraid to widen your targets among women, Millennials, and minority voters. They're pissed off and ready to vote.

2. Plug into this new energy

The Resistance has taken form in thousands of small groups across the country, both online and offline. Chances are there's at least a dozens such groups in your district. These are folks ready to fight for progressive values, but they often have zero experience in a campaign environment.

From Generation Change to Black Lives Matter, there's a lot of places to start this search for your local progressive groups. Take a look around Facebook and Twitter and you'll start to see the increasingly organized energy of the movement. Tapping it means tapping new volunteers and new donors.

3. You still need to put in the work

Many candidates hope for a silver bullet that will win them the election without forcing them to toil through the long hours and stress of a campaign. That's always a danger. But the sense of inevitability this year with the #BlueWave makes it all the more threatening.

If anything, riding the blue wave means doing more fundraising calls, knocking on more doors, going to more public events, not fewer. Don't count on a favorable environment to do the work for you. Whether your a candidate, a campaign staffer, or a consultant, expect this year to be a grind. But a very rewarding one.

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