Hot New Trends in Digital Advertising!

At HSG Campaigns, we're always looking for new, innovative ways to give our clients an advantage in the next election. Here are some of the exciting new things in the world of digital ads...

1. Sending display and pre-roll ads to your mail list

Geo-fencing allows campaigns to target people at their exact locations. It's a favorite tool of legislative advocacy, targeting buildings where decision makers log online. But it can also be used to target the homes of known voters. Imagine digital ads that mirror your mail piece, targeting the same homes as the ones on your mail list. We can do that now.

2. Affordable, easy-to-make videos for social media

No medium is more captivating than a video. But for so long, videos weren't an option for campaigns with limited time or financial resources. But in the last couple of years, several affordable (or even free) services have become available, allowing us to create simple but captivating videos. Splicing together videos with campaign photos, stock clips and music, and your message is a great way to reach voters, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Auto-responders

Campaigns are starting to move into the age of the bots. Accounts on messaging programs can be set to bring in automatic responses. These can be great for supporter data acquisition or even persuasion. One of the most interesting cases was in the UK last year, where a bot was employed to get Tinder users to vote Labour.

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