Five Must-Have Skills for Campaign Staff in 2018

We all know how rapidly things are changing for political campaigns. That's why we compiled our top five skills your campaign staff should have in 2018.

#1 - Tech Troubleshooting Skills

Technology is an integral part of all campaigns, from email blasts, websites, and online petitions to social media, new software, and apps. Having a basic understanding of tech is essential. You might not be an expert in web design but taking some time to learn the basics can go a long way. Even if you aren’t using this technology directly, the understanding will help you communicate with members of your team who do, and make the entire campaign run smoother.

#2 - Strong Writing Skills

At the end of the day all campaigns are about organizing and communicating. The ability to articulate ideas properly is just as critical as it has always been. A candidate can have the best ideas, but if no one understands them they have no value. Campaigns move fast, and being able to move quickly and efficiently communicate with voters is key. On top of that, convincing your colleagues of your own ideas is key as well.

#3 - The "Can-Do" Attitude

The most important word a campaign worker has is "Yes." There should be no work that is beneath you in a campaign. We can plan all we want but sometimes the you-know-what hits the fan and suddenly you are covering responsibilities you are not used to. Being open to anything is not only the best way to get ahead, but it also makes sure the campaign stays on track even through problems.

#4 - Patience

This might seem counterintuitive in the digital age, when campaigns are moving faster than ever. But patience is still a virtue, especially when dealing with colleagues. A campaign is a team, and not all teams come together perfectly at first. Staffers need to remember they're working with people from diverse backgrounds who may not have the same experiences or skill sets they have. Patience is also key to minimizing mistakes. As we always say, slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

#5 - Thinking Only as Much as Necessary

A common problem on campaigns is over-thinking, over-analyzing, and over-strategizing. A campaign should be 10% planning and 90% executing. This is especially important as campaigns move more and more online, when the flow of information is becoming faster and faster. Less time spent executing means less time spent winning.

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