Finding a Job in Politics

For anyone who worked in politics during the 2016 cycle - as an intern, an entry-level field organizer, or even as an experienced operative - and wants to do it again, you may be looking for work for 2018.

Here are some places to look:

  • Democratic GAIN - A national association for progressive campaign workers and organizations, Democratic GAIN helps its members find jobs for the next cycle. They have also merged with the Google group, JobsThatAreLEFT, which regularly posts political job openings around the country.
  • Wellstone Jobs - Formerly known as the "New Organizing Institute", Wellstone Jobs is another Google group for job posts, run by Wellstone Action.
  • EMILY's List - Named after the concept "Early Money is Like Yeast" (it raises the dough!), EMILY's List supports Democratic women running for office all over the country - in part by placing campaign workers on the ground to work for them.
  • Your own people! - If you have worked on a campaign before and your work was appreciated, go back to the campaign manager, consultants, and others you worked with to see if they know of anything for you. The people who liked your work will want to work with you again.
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