Is Biden Bound to Win?

Former Vice President Joe Biden has finally entered the race and for the first time this year, we have a true front runner for the Democratic nomination.

The former Vice President is well known for delivering his message to audiences in a blunt and straightforward style that many voters appreciate. He also has a unique backstory that highlights his rise from the working class, the same type of voters that turned away from the Democratic Party in 2016.

In the primary, Joe Biden has distinct advantages and weaknesses. As the Vice President to Barack Obama, Biden developed a close relationship with the African American community. In 2020, this will be a strong advantage in the Southern primary states. In addition, Biden’s strong establishment support can give him an advantage in the early states.

Biden’s road to victory in 2020 could be a repeat of Hillary Clinton’s in 2016: Winning the big states plus states with high numbers of minorities.

However, because of Biden’s decades of experience in Washington, he also faces the disadvantage that comes with it. Several of Biden’s past positions on the economy, criminal justice, and social issues are clearly out of step with today’s Democratic Party. Many on the political left do not see Joe Biden as one of them, and that a “return to normal” does not go far enough. Also, he is currently 76 years old, and would be the oldest President ever elected. Some of the younger candidates may counter that although they have respect for Joe Biden, these politically tense times call for a new generation of leadership.

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This week Mike is recommending the book "What If" by Robert Cowley.


"Imagine if the Americans lost the Revolution, or if the Allies lost World War 2. Or if the outcome of major battles swung the other way or if important leaders died too early? “What If” is a fascinating collection of multiple essays that play out the game of history to see what could have happened. The book covers a wide range of time, from ancient history to the 20th century, and the essays differ in scope from amusing results to troubling outcomes. For any lover of history, “What If” is a great read for those who wonder if fate was just a bit different."

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