Behind the Scenes at HSG

In 2019, HSG Campaigns created multiple mail pieces for United Teachers Los Angeles in support of Jackie Goldberg. This was a special election for an open seat on the Board of the Los Angeles United School District. After winning the primary, Jackie Goldberg moved on to the runoff election. Both candidates were Caucasian in a majority Latino district. We created a unique mail piece entitled: “We Support Jackie.”


For the front, we used pictures of Latino leaders Maria Elena Durazo, Dr. Cynthia Gonzalez, and Dolores Huerta. This was an extremely low turnout election, and it was critical to engage the high propensity Latino voters with direct mail. On the back of the piece, we featured quotes by all three figures, along with their Spanish translations.

Jackie Goldberg won the special election in a landslide, with 71.6% to 28.4%. Latinos were a key voting demographic and effective voter contact was central, and bilingual direct mail was necessary.

"Why I Chose HSG Campaigns"

“We hired HSG Campaigns as subcontractors on a big project. They were fantastic to work with: thorough in their approach to the campaign; communicated well; and maintained a positive attitude throughout. We ended up increasing their role in the project. I look forward to the next time I will get to work with them.”

— Rick Ridder, President and Co-Founder, RBI Strategies’’

What We're Watching

This week Mike is recommending the miniseries "Chernobyl" available on Amazon Prime and HBO.


“Chernobyl” is a historical drama that tells the story of the 1986 nuclear disaster. The series reveals the complexities and corruption of Soviet Union politics, and the struggle to reveal hard truths against censorship. “Chernobyl” is also heavily science based and explains in detail the operations of a nuclear power plant and the devastating biological effects of radiation. This series is probably the closest to an apocalyptic horror film that a true story can be.

- Mike

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-Eric, Mike, and Matt