Text Messaging For Campaigns


In today’s political campaigns, the use of text messaging has become a common tool. Not only is text messaging fast and easy, but it can be cheaper than other forms of communication. Over the past decade, text messaging has been used to remind voters to get out and vote, send event alerts, organize volunteers, and mobilize the youth vote. However, with many different options and software available for text messaging, it can be challenging to choose one that works best for your campaign. Here are some options we like. 


ThruText is a texting program that allows you to upload lists of numbers to text and lists of volunteers who can message them. The program is not an app, but web-based, and so can be used on a computer or on a phone. ThruText allows you to write texts and create automated replies. Also, you can include survey questions to measure the support of a candidate or to ask if they are able to volunteer. ThruText charges .08 cents for each outgoing text. Lastly, ThruText can easily export the messaging data and the survey questions for useful analysis. 

Ten More Votes

Ten More Votes is an application for your smart phone that allows volunteers and staff to effortlessly canvass, text, and call voters directly without any formal training needed. The application allows you to either upload your own data to be used or Ten More Votes can provide you with the necessary information. Also, Ten More Votes charges a flat monthly fee for unlimited text message usage. With a simple and clear interface to use on the app, text messages can be sent at a high rate of 10 messages per minute.

The Risks of Texting

Although texting can be an efficient tool for campaign outreach, texting can also be misused. Recently in Wisconsin, an individual recently sent out mass texts to support a specific candidate for Alderman. These texts included false information about the candidate’s opponent as well as racist comments to others causing issues in the campaign. Read more here: https://www.theroot.com/crazy-wisconsin-candidate-claims-racist-text-messages-w-1833000686

"Why I Chose HSG Campaigns"

“HSG Campaigns is a great resource for campaigns and organizations to use in a grind. They are able to do a wide scope of work and give you the tools you need to make the right decisions. When it comes to direct mail, digital ads, or scripts, HSG is among the best in creative, on-target content. I know from working with them that I can trust them to work through nearly any time constraint and limitation. I highly recommend them for your next campaign or project.”

— Jeff Gozzo, California Senate Democrats

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"Game of Thrones in space isn't a bad description of this interesting and addicting show. Set mostly in space 200 years from now, this show was a welcome distraction from the daily grind. There's also first contact with a new life form called the protomolecule that really puts the show into Lost territory. It's on Amazon Prime and worth checking out if you need a good distraction. I enjoyed it."

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