How the Wisconsin Governor's Race Shapes Up

The primary in one of the most hotly contested races has come to a close, and since we worked on it, let’s unpack the state of the Wisconsin governor’s race. There are many Democrats saying defeating Walker is major a priority, so this is an important one.

1. Tony Evers comes out of the primary in a position of strength: 

Evers emerges from the primary relatively unscathed, and he's a clear favorite according to the polls. One poll last month showed him defeating Scott Walker by double digits as the Democratic nominee. Walker has always been a polarizing figure in Wisconsin, the same cannot be said about Evers.  

2. Walker's strength is in fundraising

No matter who the Democrats nominated, fundraising was always going to be a concern, as Walker routinely out-fundraised all 10+ Democratic challengers combined. And while his talk of a $50 million campaign was fairly ridiculous, he has many millions more cash on hand than Evers thanks to the special interests he has gotten in bed with. Can Walker's war chest overcome his polling disadvantage? 

3. Prepare to hear about education:

There is a reason Walker has been trying to brand himself the "education governor" and why the State Superintendent did well at the polls. People care about the state of education in Wisconsin. The general election will be a showdown between Walker's signature Act-10 legislation and Evers' calls for more education spending. Be ready for education to be front and center, now until November.    

4. The impact of the #BlueWave:

Where there is enthusiasm there are candidates. And in Wisconsin there were a lot of candidates start to finish. Democrats are more motivated to vote than they have been in years and even Walker is sounding the alarm. Take a close look at this primary as it may be a preview of what is to come in the 2020 Presidential Primary, with lots of enthusiasm and lots of candidates.  

5. There is still a long way to go: 

It is far too easy to take an election and assume it is in the bag. Just as in 2016, complacency and assumption leads to losses at the polls. Winning in November is going to take work, and unity. Let’s use the enthusiasm and good poll numbers to our advantage rather than let them harm the cause.

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"As his Kansas City Monarchs teammate, the great Buck O'Neil, once said, 'The stories about Satchel are legendary, and some of them are even true.' The annals of baseball history are filled with characters as famous for their eccentric personalities as their achievements on the field. This was true of Satchel Paige, who was likely the greatest pitcher of all time as well as a remarkable character who loved life and somehow managed to continue playing professionally into his 60s. In this biography of him, Tye tries to separate fact from legend and show us how Paige fit in with a cast that included Jim Crow, a religious cult, gangsters, a Caribbean dictator, and a nation obsessed with baseball."

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