3 Takeaways from VA and NJ

Three Takeaways from Elections in Virginia and New Jersey

Democrats enjoyed some big wins last week, which are hopefully only a taste of what we'll be getting next year. We wanted to share with you our top three takeaways.

1) The geographic battle lines are definitely shifting. Democrats are struggling more in rural counties than we did ten years ago, and how to responsibly win back white, working-class voters will continue to be an important topic of conversation. But the good news is that we're starting to pick up steam in the suburbs, particularly those surrounding southern cities, like Atlanta, Houston, and now Richmond. The suburbs should start to play a larger role in our GOTV plans in 2018.

2) Millennials are starting to make a real impact. Back in 2008, many thought Millennials put Obama in the Oval Office, but the truth is he would have won without them. But now this generation is moving to the suburbs, having kids, and voting in strong numbers. The majority of them never fell in love with Clinton, as it's a much more progressive generation than Gen X'ers or Boomers. But with Trump in the White House, they went all-in with the moderate Ralph Northam in Virginia. Keep a watch out for the 18-34 voting bloc in 2018.

3) Ordinary people are running and winning. The elections last week saw an incredibly diverse cast of characters win seats in Virginia and New Jersey. Newly elected Danica Roem, Vin Gopal, and Ravi Bhalla are flipping the script on who an American candidate is supposed to be. Perhaps the Trump presidency's most lasting impact will be the way it encouraged good people to run for the first time, to resist on behalf of their communities.

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What We're Reading

This week Eric is recommending the works of Ta-Nehisi Coates.

"An essential voice of our time, Coats fuses complex thought with elegant writing and insightful reporting to create a lasting impact on the reader. To read Coats is to see into the soul of our country. He has deservedly reached the upper echelon of our country's great thinkers and I'm always excited to read what he writes. Read these and everything he writes. Required reading for everyone, period."

- Eric

94 Ways to Resist Trump: The "Resist List"

More and more we hear family and friends tell us how worn out they are by the Trump Administration: the news, the tweets, the reprehensible behavior, and the routine threats to our American values.

We hear you, and we want to empower you to make a difference.

Our friends at The Campaign Workshop have compiled a list of 94 organizations (and growing) that make up the Resistance. These organizations fight for civil rights, immigrant rights, LGBT rights, women's rights, political reform, the environment, a fair economy, and protecting our 1st Amendment freedoms.

Click here to download The Resist List.

Donating to or volunteering with these organizations are great ways to fight back against the Trump Administration, and to moving our country forward.


- Eric, Dave, and Annika
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