Battlegrounds to Watch in 2018

Five Battlegrounds to Watch in 2018

2017 is almost over, and the most competitive midterm election in over a decade (for our side, anyway) is upon us. As we watch fundraising and polling over the next 11 months, here are some of the key battlegrounds to pay attention to.

1) Rural, working-class seats

During a midterm, the president’s party typically loses these states and districts. Will that be the case in 2018, or has Trump permanently shifted voters there into the Republican column?

Races to watch: IA-Gov, MI-Gov, MN-Gov, WI-Gov, WV-Sen, IN-Sen, MO-Sen, MT-Sen, ND-Sen, WI-Sen, IA-01, KS-02, MN-01, MN-08, NY-19, NY-22, PA-15, PA-16, TX-23, WA-08

2) Southern suburbs

Suburbs are usually where Republicans do well, especially in the south. But unlike rural voters around them, educated southern suburbanites have not taken well to Trump, and Republicans in districts like those struggled in 2017. Will it be enough for Democrats to pick up some of these seats?

Races to watch: GA-06, KY-06, TX-07, TX-32, VA-10

3) California holdouts

While most of the Golden State has stopped voting for the GOP, a number of Republicans have held on to Congressional seats across California, especially in Orange County. But Trump and his policies are deeply unpopular in these districts. The question is, how many will fall?

Races to watch: CA-10, CA-21, CA-25, CA-39, CA-45, CA-48, CA-49, CA-50

4) The West

Western states have never quite fit the same political molds as the Northeast, Midwest, or South. More libertarian attitudes, higher numbers of Latinos, and conservationist traditions might give the Democrats a sweep in these places.

Races to watch: CO-Gov, NM-Gov, NV-Gov, AZ-Sen, NV-Sen, AZ-01, AZ-02, CO-06, NM-02, NV-03, UT-04

5) The Sunshine State

Florida is always a battleground, but between it’s mix of quasi-southern history, cultural diversity, suburban density, and peculiar personas, it may be the state whose politics are most shaken up by the Trump presidency. There is also a number of open seats to pay attention to.

Races to watch: FL-Gov, FL-Sen, FL-07, FL-26, FL-27

"Why I Chose HSG Campaigns"

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What We're Reading

This month Dave is recommending After the Prophet: The Epic Story of the Shia-Sunni Split in Islam by Lesley Hazleton.

"With the 2006 al-Askari mosque bombing as the focus of her narrative, Hazleton dives into the story of infighting among Muhammad’s family and followers in the hours, days, weeks, and years after his death. The reader sees the political struggle to succeed the Prophet slowly unfold into war and eventually into the schism between the two main sects of Islam. While hardly a complete examination, the book provides insights into the roots of the conflict that continues today."

- Dave  

94 Ways to Resist Trump: The "Resist List"

More and more we hear family and friends tell us how worn out they are by the Trump Administration: the news, the tweets, the reprehensible behavior, and the routine threats to our American values.

We hear you, and we want to empower you to make a difference.

Our friends at The Campaign Workshop have compiled a list of 94 organizations (and growing) that make up the Resistance. These organizations fight for civil rights, immigrant rights, LGBT rights, women's rights, political reform, the environment, a fair economy, and protecting our 1st Amendment freedoms.

Click here to download The Resist List.

Donating to or volunteering with these organizations are great ways to fight back against the Trump Administration, and to move our country forward.


- Eric, Dave, and Annika
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