5 Takeaways from PA-18

Five Takeaways from PA-18

The first seat of 2018 has fallen. Let's take a look at what that means.

1. Republicans should be scared out of their minds:

This was a district that Donald Trump won by over 20 points just 16 months ago, and to swing all the way back to a toss-up represents a massive shift towards the Democrats. Even if the overall shift in the midterms is half that; Democrats will most likely take back the House and even the Senate would be in play. Put it this way, there are over 100 currently-held GOP seats that are more blue than PA-18. 

Five Tips for Your Campaign Website 

A website is a great way to interact with voters and allow them to research your positions. However there are many things to keep in mind when designing your website. 

1. Take advantage of modern website creators:

Gone are the days when you need a dedicated web designer to create the perfect page for you. There are numerous places that make website creation simple and easy, like Squarespace and Wix. Do some basic research and find a provider and site that works for you. 

Five Scenarios for Trump Leaving Office

Five Scenarios for Trump Leaving Office

News seems to be coming out of Washington every week about the Mueller investigation and Trump's latest attacks on the FBI. We find ourselves asking, "What if Trump really does leave office early?" Today we look at some different scenarios to gauge the fallout.

#1 - Trump Resigns Before the 2018 Midterms

The president's party typically does worse in midterm elections because the opposition is more motivated to come to the polls. With Trump gone, the GOP base would feel even less enthusiasm and that could lead to a stronger environment for Democrats. Trump has been dragging down Republican poll numbers overall, and Democrats currently enjoy a 13-point generic ballot advantage. Although Trump vacating would likely lessen Democratic voters' sense of urgency, but the Republican base would be dismayed. Democrats almost assuredly take the House and are at least close to a majority in the Senate.

Five Must-Have Skills for Campaign Staff in 2018

Five Must-Have Skills for Campaign Staff in 2018

We all know how rapidly things are changing for political campaigns. That's why we compiled our top five skills your campaign staff should have in 2018.

#1 - Tech Troubleshooting Skills

Technology is an integral part of all campaigns, from email blasts, websites, and online petitions to social media, new software, and apps. Having a basic understanding of tech is essential. You might not be an expert in web design but taking some time to learn the basics can go a long way. Even if you aren’t using this technology directly, the understanding will help you communicate with members of your team who do, and make the entire campaign run smoother.

Battlegrounds to Watch in 2018

Five Battlegrounds to Watch in 2018

2017 is almost over, and the most competitive midterm election in over a decade (for our side, anyway) is upon us. As we watch fundraising and polling over the next 11 months, here are some of the key battlegrounds to pay attention to.

1) Rural, working-class seats

During a midterm, the president’s party typically loses these states and districts. Will that be the case in 2018, or has Trump permanently shifted voters there into the Republican column?

Races to watch: IA-Gov, MI-Gov, MN-Gov, WI-Gov, WV-Sen, IN-Sen, MO-Sen, MT-Sen, ND-Sen, WI-Sen, IA-01, KS-02, MN-01, MN-08, NY-19, NY-22, PA-15, PA-16, TX-23, WA-08

3 Takeaways from VA and NJ

Three Takeaways from Elections in Virginia and New Jersey

Democrats enjoyed some big wins last week, which are hopefully only a taste of what we'll be getting next year. We wanted to share with you our top three takeaways.

1) The geographic battle lines are definitely shifting. Democrats are struggling more in rural counties than we did ten years ago, and how to responsibly win back white, working-class voters will continue to be an important topic of conversation. But the good news is that we're starting to pick up steam in the suburbs, particularly those surrounding southern cities, like Atlanta, Houston, and now Richmond. The suburbs should start to play a larger role in our GOTV plans in 2018