About HSG Campaigns

HSG Campaigns is a political consulting firm that understands how to win by blending traditional and modern campaign tactics. We make conscious decisions to work with candidates we believe will make a difference when elected.

We create communications that speak to voters' values, and we pride ourselves in maintaining quality and excellence in everything we produce for our clients. We pride ourselves in specializing in direct mail and online advertising for Democratic campaigns, while strategically incorporating modern, effective, and paperless campaign solutions.

Our mission is to help the candidates we believe in WIN, while making the democratic system more approachable for the public.

We are hard-working, risk-taking, morally-influenced team players who see a Democratic society where everyone and anyone who wants to get involved -- whether they have money or not -- can chip in and help. We believe in a time where the closed system of campaign politics is removed, and all people can lend a hand toward the common goal of helping great candidates win.

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