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Eric Hogensen


Eric Hogensen is a Democratic political consultant with 20+ years of professional experience. Overseeing a campaign consulting firm, HSG Campaigns, Eric is an advocate for bettering the nation’s democratic system and developing new means of opening campaigning to the masses in innovative and creative ways.

His uncanny ability to relate to people and empathy towards each politician’s unique situation serves as a catalyst to his straightforward relationship building. Tapping into his first-hand experience being on the ground as a campaigner helps him understand the stakes, while also allowing him to provide highly executed resources and tools for winning campaigns.

Eric’s proven track record speaks for itself, and his ability to grow HSG speaks to the value his expertise brings to any Democratic campaign at various levels of government. Allowing him to work with a candidate and their campaign staff is the missing link for a successful election, as Eric truly devotes himself to changing the world one vote at a time. His Latino roots play a unique role for candidates and campaigns, especially those who want to relate to and speak to diverse audiences.