Struggling to boost your online engagement? You're not alone


Building a Buzz on Social Media

According to Social Media Examiner, less than half of small businesses think their Facebook marketing is actually working! And, small businesses are not alone. Candidates are experiencing the same burnout online. So if you feel like you're not making a buzz on social media, don't be worried. 

To help out, we identified 3 Common Mistakes Made Online.

  • Ignoring comments and messages from followers on social media - Always remember to reply and be conversational with your followers. A weekly reminder that there’s someone behind the Facebook page or Twitter handle will go a long way.
  • Forgetting to check in on algorithm changes from Facebook or Twitter - Social media is changing constantly, and so is what's considered post-worthy on on these websites. While you don’t need to be an expert on algorithms, it doesn't hurt to know that Facebook and Twitter are prioritizing posts with quality content over posts with only high engagement numbers. So, ditch the click-bait ads and focus on what really matters to your followers.
  • Throwing your money online at the very end - Inventory of ad space online is not always readily available at the very end. You might plan to spend $5,000 in the last week, but only end up spending $500. Plan a digital budget ahead of time.

So before that next Tweet, Post, or online ad, check to see if you're making one of the 3 Common Mistakes Made Online.

"Why I Chose HSG Campaigns"

For our third issue of the HSG Newsletter, Long Beach Vice Mayor Rex Richardson shared the following testimonial about our work together to elect him to the Long Beach City Council.

"HSG was a big asset for my campaign. They worked with me to create a really strong message for my district, and the mail they created was first-class. Eric and his team will make great partners with you on your toughest campaigns."

- Rex Richardson, Long Beach Vice Mayor, District 9

What We're Reading

This week Eric is recommending The Seventh Sense: Power, Fortune and Survival in the Age of Networks. 


"The Seventh Sense is a lucid and revealing look at our times. As the author states, 'the Seventh Sense is the ability to look at any object and see the way it is changed by connection. It is written for...the first generation of leaders and students and war fighters not to find the digital strange, but rather natural and curious and wonderful in its power.' 

"We are all experiencing the dramatic change caused by these connections, and I encourage everyone to check out this book."


-Eric, Dave, Jeremy
HSG Campaigns

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