Our Work

Creative Campaigns

In today’s busy world, we know our mail has to be eye-catching to get the voter’s attention. We thoughtfully design each of our pieces to deliver a clear message.

Transformational Clients

We truly believe in working with candidates that want to transform the community in which they live. This work is about more than a paycheck; it’s about giving back to our country.

Winning Races

At HSG Campaigns, we’re all about creating your winning campaign. We have won races across the country from Los Angeles to Chicago and Seattle to Milwaukee. We’re proud of the work we’ve done and the people we have elected.


Citizens For A Progressive WisconInc: Operation EmileMackForCityCouncil2013_ThePlan FriendsOfAnitaAlvarez_PrimaryGirlX CSLA_SanPedroJobs BuscainoForCityCouncil2013_PAVGOTV FriendsOfRogerGoodman_Contrast SandersForSenate_Accomplishments DebraJohnsonForDenver_Stamp

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