How are you recovering?


Need Tips for the Post-Election Recovery?

We’re all still recovering from Tuesday’s election - physically and emotionally. While we are horrified by a soon-to-be President Trump, we look forward to continuing the fight for progress in 2018.

Need tips for the post-election recovery? Here’s how we’ll be recovering from this election:

  • Vacations! - Over Thanksgiving, Eric will be going to WI to visit family, Dave is going to Zion National Park in Utah, and Jeremy is having a restful “Staycation” in LA. We all need rest and relaxation.
  • Getting back in shape! - You know you’ve been putting it off too. We’ll be hitting the gym.
  • Binge-Watching TV - There’s been some great new programming this year. Some of our recommendations include “Stranger Things”, “Glitch”, “Fleabag”, “Atlanta”, and “Westworld”.

Our friend Joe Fuld also compiled a list of post-election ideas in a 2014 article for Campaigns & Elections

Finally, we’re taking solace in Secretary Clinton’s parting words yesterday: “Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

Let us know your post-election recovery advice too!

Why I Chose HSG Campaigns

This year, we were proud to work with the State Senate Democrats in California, helping preserve their majority.

“HSG Campaigns is a great resource for campaigns and organizations to use in a grind. They are able to do a wide scope of work and give you the tools you need to make the right decisions.

When it comes to direct mail, digital ads, or scripts, HSG is among the best in creative, on-target content. I know from working with them that I can trust them to work through nearly any time constraint and limitation. I highly recommend them for your next campaign or project.”

- Jeff Gozzo, California Senate Democrats

What We're Reading

We’re going to skip a book this time and direct you to an article on How Half of America Lost Its F**king Mind. This piece provides some good insights into why such a huge gap opened up for Trump among non-college educated white voters in the rust belt, a once-reliable demographic for Democrats.

On to better days,

- Eric, Dave, Jeremy
HSG Campaigns

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