3 Simple Do's and Don'ts for 2016


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3 Simple Do's and Don'ts for the Campaign

DO plan ahead - A detailed and thorough plan is critical to the direction and ultimate success of your campaign. You need to know your strategy to piece together your budget, your message, your voter targeting, your timeline, and more.

DON'T rely too much on your plans - Eisenhower once said, “In war, before the battle is joined, plans are everything. But once the shooting begins, plans are worthless.” In campaigns, you need to be able to pivot and respond. Make sure your plans allow for flexibility, especially in an unpredictable year like this one.

DO know how to rely on your IE - The independent expenditure will have money for communications, so chances are you can focus more on field. Just make sure your high-resolution photos, endorsements, and talking points are available on your website for (their) public access.

DON'T break the law - People have and will continue to go to jail for coordination. Don’t be one of them.

DO listen to everyone - There will be many within the political class who will want your ear and give you advice. Some of it will be good and you should act on it.

DON'T act on everyone's advice - Lots of the advice you get will be contradictory. Some of it will be wrong. Some of it you just won’t know if it’s right or wrong for sure. Choose carefully, and be confident in your decisions.

"Why I Chose HSG Campaigns"

 Chris Callopy, Executive Director of the Teachers Association of Long Beach, recently shared the following testimonial for HSG Campaigns after working with our firm on two successful school board campaigns this year.

"There’s a sense of urgency working with HSG, they understand the pace of modern campaigns. The work you’ll get from them will be top-notch, every time. Through the process there is a lot of consideration and effort in making the client comfortable with how things are going and being receptive to any concerns. I strongly recommend them for your campaign or campaign project." 

- Chris Callopy, Teachers Association of Long Beach

Here at HSG Campaigns, we're always striving to develop a better way of campaigning, and we are proud to partner with great organizations like TALB. Thank you, Chris!

-Eric, Dave, Jeremy
HSG Campaigns

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